Chartered Security Professionals

Chartered Security Professionals

In addition to promoting the world-leading ASIS Board Certified Qualifications CPP, PSP and PCI, the UK Chapter of ASIS International is a licensee of the Register of Chartered Security Professionals. Currently about one third on the Chartered Security Professionals are ASIS members.

The Register of Chartered Security Professionals is a qualification recognising personal ability and competence which allows confidence in the highest standards of service.

Admittance to the Register demonstrates to clients, employers, peers and the public an ability to deliver quality results, compliance with a Code of Conduct, a professional Disciplinary Code and a commitment to Continual Professional Development.

Why Become Chartered

Who can Apply?

Chartered Security Professionals must be of undisputed integrity and have a high level of expertise, operating at a strategic level, or the senior end of the operational level of security practice.

Criteria for Admittance

There are two pathways to registration:


In order to be admitted into the Register an applicant has to demonstrate they meet the required competency levels in areas listed below:

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